Shift Reality: 8-Hour Theta Binaural Subliminal Affirmation Meditation




Quantum Jump into a New Reality

This theta wave and binaural beat track is designed to help you quantum jump into a new reality and manifest your desires quickly and effectively by connecting with and impressing the superpower of your subconscious mind. Go to sleep listening to the 8-hour track and wake up in your desired reality!

Powerful Subliminal Affirmations and Subconscious Questions

Experience the benefits of 50 powerful subliminal affirmations for manifestation combined with 50 positive subconscious questions. These questions, posed in the style of neuro-editing (specific language patterns), are overlayed and produced with dual-induction sound technology. They move from ear-to-ear and back to center, dynamically engaging your brain and guiding it to manifest what you desire in your life.

Advanced Sound Technology

  • Dual-Induction Sound Technology: Moves sound from ear-to-ear to capture your brain's attention more dynamically.
  • Neuro-Editing Language Patterns: Crafted to deeply impress your subconscious mind while you sleep.


  • 4500 Subliminal ‘You Are’ Affirmation and Positive Subconscious Questioning Impressions: Designed to reinforce your desired reality.
  • Enhances Focus and Learning: Activates your whole brain for improved cognitive functions.
  • Supports Manifestation Practices: Perfect for the law of attraction, reality shifting, quantum jumping, and other manifestation techniques.

Usage Tips

  • Stereo Headphones Recommended: To experience the full power and potential of this track, use stereo headphones, though they are not required.
  • Volume Control: Never play the track too loud on headphones for an extended period; softer is better and more effective.
  • Consistent Listening: For best results, listen nightly for 30-60 nights.
  • Safety Precaution: This is a theta track. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using it.

Transformative Results

Wake up to a new reality and a deeply impressed subconscious mind ready to manifest your dreams. Experience the transformative power of this 8-hour theta binaural subliminal affirmation meditation and take the next step in your manifestation journey!

*Note for Mobile Users: For iPhone or iPad, first download the MP3s to a desktop or laptop, then transfer them to your device via iTunes.

Meditation Disclaimer – Important Notice:

Before using this product, please ensure your safety by consulting a physician if you fall into any of these categories: individuals with epilepsy, pregnant women, those prone to seizures, or those currently taking medication or drugs.

Our music should not be used by anyone under the influence of alcohol or mood-altering substances, legal or illegal. To enhance your experience and minimize discomfort, we advise drinking a glass of water prior to each session.

While our music is created to support your overall well-being, it is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. If you are dealing with a serious health condition, please seek immediate advice from a medical professional. Additionally, do not use our music while driving or operating any machinery, as it is designed for relaxation and may impair your ability to focus.


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