Monthly Meditation Club

Each month includes a theme to be explored in-depth over a 30-Day period, creating a deep and powerful connection with the subconscious mind and your ability to manifest a life you love!


My monthly meditation club makes it easy to manifest balance and center your being!


✔️ Guided Meditation

1 New Guided or Affirmation Meditation Each Month (MP3 Download).

✔️ Solfeggio Frequency Music

1 One-Hour Solfeggio Frequency Music Meditation Designed to Work Seamlessly With the Other Meditation (MP3 Download).

✔️ Private Support Forum

Access to the Private Support Forum to Be a Part of Our Community, Engage in Meaningful Conversations and Ask Questions.

✔️ Store Discount

A 25% Discount on All Other Store Items.

As Featured In:

Jessica's meditation expertise was recently spotlighted on, one of the webs leading technology publications. This feature names the Your Youniverse YouTube Channel as one of the "6 Best Guided Meditation YouTube Channels to Calm Your Mind." Find out what caught the attention of their discerning editors enough to grant this distinguished recognition and share it with their extensive audience!