Jenny Kennedy

Jenny Kennedy was diagnosed with “incurable” Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2012. Determined to find a way to heal herself, she embarked on a journey within to find the answers. She let go of her mind and allowed her intuition to guide her back to a place of great health.  Unbeknownst to Jenny at the time, she was implementing the Law of Attraction to heal. She now allows her intuition and the Law of Attraction to work miracles in all facets of her life and she can honestly say that life is pure magic!

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As an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, Jenny works worldwide teaching HEAL-U – 6 Steps to Healing, which are the same 6 Steps she uncovered in her remarkable journey.  Her goal is to assist others to connect with their own intuition for healing to take place in all areas of their lives;  health, wealth and relationships. 

As Jenny is speaking and channeling information, whether for one person or many people simultaneously, she is clearing blocked energy which has accumulated over many lifetimes and uncovering beliefs and vows that are no longer useful. This then raises her client's vibration and automatically draws to them what they are wanting to create in their lives. Jenny’s insight and knowledge are compassionately conveyed to bring about healing at a cellular level and some of Jenny’s clients have virtually instantly healed!