Law of Attraction Exercise - Give the Universe A Task List

Give the Universe A Task List


This exercise helps you become clear on what you want, while demonstrating faith that the Universe can handle any details you’re unsure of. (If Universe is not your word of choice, insert what resonates best with you.) By taking the pressure off of yourself to deal with the things you’re uncertain of, you train your subconscious mind to let go of the control it tries to have to fix things that may feel to be out of your realm of understanding. This releases any resistance that creates the opposite results of what you’re trying to create. Through using this exercise, you may be amazed at how the Universe will work out the details for you without any more effort on your part.


Step 1 


Draw a column down the center of a piece of paper. On the top of the left column, write the words: “Things I’m inspired to do today.”  On the top of the right column, right the words: “Things I want the Universe to take care of for me.” 

Step 2


In the left column, write only the things you feel inspired to take immediate action on; the tasks that feel right and clear to you in the moment. Examples might be, “Meditate for 20 minutes,” “Have lunch with my best friend” or “Increase my work performance and smile at everyone I see today.”

In the right column, write the things that you aren’t clear on in the moment. List anything you may feel resistance towards and/or things you aren’t even certain how to start yet. Examples might be, “Find an easy and fun way to come up with the car payment,” “Send me information to get clear on the next step I need to take for the job I really want” or “Find the right person to fix the plumbing.”






Step 3

Concentrate only on the left column and leave the right column to the Universe to handle for you.

Any time the Universe accomplishes one of these tasks for you, it’s very important to acknowledge its completion and be thankful for it. All of life wants to please you, but it must understand WHAT pleases you first. This also directs the subconscious mind into understanding that good things just happen for you!





Things I’m Inspired To Do Today




Things I Want to Universe to Take Care of For Me Today






































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