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Hi! I'm Jessica...

 My personal journey has led me to delve deep into studying the science of the mind,

the law of attraction, quantum physics, NLP, metaphysics, and so many other wonderful

modalities of healing. I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy with a practitioner's license to

counsel and a specialty in holistic life coaching.


 As a maid-turned-doctor, I personally learned and experienced how to take

conscious control of my mind and, in turn, change my life in very drastic and abundant ways!

And just like my list of exclusive clients, I can show you how to do that too!



Law of Attraction Premium Coaching Options, Communities & Freebies Below   



My Private Video Club

Exclusive Video Techniques Not Found Anywhere Else!

These videos are similar to the videos found on my YouTube Channel with the added benefit that I can speak freely and offer more information! They're NEW and they're PRIVATE (not available on my channel). In addition to the videos, this club includes downloads in the form of Video Scripts, PDF Exercises/Techniques and MP3's PLUS My Private Support Forum! Brand New to My Website! 

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kickboxing fitness

kickboxing fitness





My Online Personal Transformation Courses

Transformational courses that will propel you to the next level on your personal journey! 

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Join My VIP Membership Program

Interested in working with me to create your best life?

Scientific studies show that specific mental training turns on parts of the brain that aren't typically used and can even change the physical structure of the brain itself. I've designed a program just for this type of training! (Includes the Monthly Meditation Club, Members-Only Archive, Store Discounts and Private Support Forum for Personal Coaching!)

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kickboxing fitness


kickboxing fitness


Join My Monthly Meditation Club

My Monthly Meditation Club makes it easy to stay focused on meditating! With a new theme each month, members receive specifically designed meditations every 30 days to create a powerful connection with the subconscious mind and your ability to manifest a life you love! (Included with My VIP Membership or Can Be Purchased Separately.)

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Your Youniverse YouTube Community & Other Free Content

Our YouTube Community is over 700.000 strong! Personal development videos added weekly, including: The Law of Attraction, Meditations, Self-Help, NLP, Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening, Solfeggio Frequency Music, Affirmations and tons more on how to manifest a life you love! One this page, you'll also find free content in the form of Articles, MP3's and PDF downloads! 

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kickboxing fitness





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